Backing up an instance

Find out how to back up a Public Cloud instance in a few clicks

Last updated 02nd December 2019


You can create a backup of your instance at any time via the OVHcloud Control Panel. You can then use this backup to restore your instance to an old configuration, or recreate it.

Create a backup of a Public Cloud in just a few clicks.


  • An OVHcloud Public Cloud instance
  • Access to the [OVHcloud Control Panel](


Creating a backup of an instance

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, switch to the Public Cloud section and select the Public Cloud project concerned. Then click on Instances in the left-hand menu.

Next, click on the ... button to the right of the instance, then Create a backup.


Enter a name for the backup on the next page.


Once the backup has been created, it will be available in the Instance Backup section.


Creating an automated backup of an instance

In the Instances section, select Create an automatic backup in the list of available actions you can perform on the instance.


You will need to enter the following information on the next page:

The workflow

Currently, only one workflow exists. It will make a backup for the instance and its primary volume.


The resource

Simply select the instance you want to back up.


The schedule

Here, you need to define the frequency with which backups are made. There are two default options:

  • Daily backup with a log of 7 days maximum
  • Daily backup with a log of 14 days maximum


The name

This is where you set a name for the backup task.


Once you have created it, go to the Workflow Management section:


Your backups will be available in the Instance Backup section, and are billed in accordance with the solution you are using.

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