What are the IP addresses of the OVHcloud monitoring ?

Find here the IP addresses to fill in when setting up a firewall so that OVHcloud monitoring will continue to work on your server.

Last updated 17th August 2021


The monitoring service allows OVHcloud to monitor the status of your machine and automatically trigger the intervention of a technician in the datacenter.

All the servers of our customers and the entire network are monitored 24/7 by OVHcloud technical teams.

OVHcloud intervenes as soon as an alert (non-response to the pings) is triggered in order to minimize the downtime of the servers and the network.

To implement a restrictive firewall, especially on ICMP, and continue to benefit from OVHcloud monitoring, it is necessary to authorize the IPs that you will find below.


  • An OVHcloud service on which you have installed a firewall
  • Access to the firewall rules


IP addresses to be authorised

Reverse IP Protocol
mrtg-rbx-100 icmp
mrtg-sbg-100 icmp
mrtg-gra-100 icmp
mrtg-bhs-100 icmp
mrtg-rbx-101 icmp
mrtg-rbx-102 icmp
mrtg-rbx-103 icmp
mrtg-gra-101 icmp
a2.ovh.net icmp
--- --- ---
netmon-rbx-probe icmp
netmon-sbg-probe icmp
netmon-gra-probe icmp
netmon-bhs-probe icmp
netmon-sgp-probe icmp
--- --- ---
proxy.p19.ovh.net icmp
proxy.rbx.ovh.net icmp
proxy.sbg.ovh.net icmp
proxy.bhs.ovh.net icmp
ping.ovh.net icmp
proxy.ovh.net icmp
xxx.xxx.xxx.250 (xxx.xxx.xxx.aaa is the server ip) icmp
xxx.xxx.xxx.251 (xxx.xxx.xxx.aaa is the server ip) icmp + Port monitored by the monitoring service

Communication between the RTM service and your server also requires that you allow inbound and outbound connections on UDP ports 6100 through 6200.

If your server is located in Roubaix 3, you have to retrieve the last IP via tcpdump.

 root@nsXXXX:# tcpdump host server.ip | grep ICMP 

Enabling or disabling monitoring

First, log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel and select the Bare Metal Cloud tab. Select the server concerned in the Dedicated servers drop-down menu.

In the General information tab, then the Service status box, click on the ... button next to “Monitoring”. Then click Enable or Disable. Click Confirm in the window that appears to confirm the changes.


Enabling monitoring for specific services

In addition to standard monitoring, you can authorise OVHcloud to monitor specific services such as HTTP, SSH and other protocols.

To do this, in the General information tab, then in the Service status box, click the ... button next to "Monitored services". Click Monitor my services.


You will be redirected to the screen below. Click Monitor a service, then enter the IP address, protocol, port number, server response, and time interval between your service checks. Click the validation symbol (V) to confirm the changes.


Go further

Configure the Network Firewall.

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