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Assigning a Virtual MAC to a Failover IP

This guide will show you how to create a virtual MAC address and assign it to a failover IP address.

Last updated 21/06/2018


OVHcloud allows you to associate a virtual MAC address with an IP address, so that you can set up virtual machines with a bridge configuration on your server.

This guide will show you how to create a virtual MAC address and assign it to a failover IP address.



Assign a MAC address

To assign a virtual MAC address to a failover IP, you first need to connect to your OVHcloud Control panel.

Once connected, click the Bare Metal Cloud menu and then click the IP section on the left side of the page.


Once you're in the IP section, locate your failover IP address (or block) in the list and then click the ... button to bring up the list of options.


When the 'Add a virtual MAC' box appears, select a type from the dropdown list, enter a virtual machine name, and then click Confirm.

Type: Refers to the virtual MAC address type ('VmWare' will be a MAC address made for the VmWare ESXi system, while 'OVHcloud' will be for any other type of virtualisation system).

Name of virtual machine: Refers to the desired name for the virtual MAC address, in order to make it easy to identify this IP/MAC pair in the future.


Do not forget to assign the virtual MAC address created in your virtual machine configuration.

Delete a MAC address

When a MAC address is deleted, it will not be recoverable.

To remove a virtual MAC address associated with a failover IP, you must first connect to your control panel. Once connected, go to the IP section and select the correct server, so that the failover IP (or IP block) attached to it appears.

Finally, click on the ... button on the right, then click Delete a Virtual MAC.

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