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Resetting an expired Windows password.

This guide will show you how to reset your expired password.

Last updated 22nd June 2020


When you install or reinstall a Windows operating system, all account have a default expiration date of 42 days. When a password is expired, RDP access to that account is disabled. You will need to change the password to regain accesss.

This guide will take you through the process of resetting the password.



Using the IPMI

First, log into your server's page in your OVHcloud Control Panel. Once there, select the IPMI tab.

For detailed information on how to use the IPMI feauture, please refer to our IPMI guide.

Next, activate the IPMI feature using either the Java applet or your browser. After the IPMI session has started, login to your admin account with your current credentials.


You should now receive a message stating that "Your password has expired and must be changed. Click on OK.


Now enter a new password and confirm it with the provided fields.


Your password has now been changed. You can now once again access the server using RDP.

Using Rescue Mode

First, boot your server into rescue mode using the WinRescue boot environment. Once the server has rebooted, log in using a VNC viewer or select the IPMI tab on your server's page in your OVHcloud Control Panel.

Next, open the NTPWdi tool. If it does not appear there, you can download a copy here


Next, click the Open button to display a list of available user accounts.


Now select the admin account from the list and click the Change Password button.


Enter the new password twice and click OK.


Finally, click the Unlock button.


Your password has now been changed. Exit the tool, close the session, and reboot your server back into normal mode.

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