Changing the password of an email account

Find out how to change the password for an OVHcloud email account

Last updated 3rd January 2023


You can access your OVHcloud email accounts using the password associated with them. There are 2 ways you can modify it, depending on your email plan:

  • From Webmail
  • Via the OVHcloud Control Panel

This guide explains how to change the password for an OVHcloud email account.


When you change the password for your email account, you will also need to apply this change to all email clients that access this account. You can find the configuration guides for your email software on the guide homepage of your email offer MX Plan


Changing the password via the Control Panel

For security reasons, we recommend not using the same password twice, and choosing one that does not contain any personal information (e.g. your surname, first name and date of birth). We also recommend renewing your password regularly.

Click Emails, then choose the name of the MX Plan service concerned. Go to the Emails tab. The window that appears will display all email accounts.
Click the button, then click Edit.


Changing the password via webmail

Changing your password via webmail is available for OVHcloud email offer using OWA (Outlook Web Application):

Go to the webmail page. Enter your full email address and password, then click the Login button.


Click the button at the top, then click Options.


On the left-hand side of the new page that opens, expand the "General" tab in the tree-view, then click My account. Next, click Change password.


In the new window that opens, enter your current password first. Then enter your new password, and reenter it to confirm. Click the Save button to save the new password.

You will need to enter the new password in all email clients that access this account.


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