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Last updated 5th May 2020


In this guide, you will find information and support on how to configure email redirections, e.g. redirecting emails received from address A to address B.


What is an email redirection?

You can use redirections to redirect an email received by a first email address, sending it to one or more other email addresses.

For example, you may want emails sent to to be redirected to This means you can provide the first address to the sender (, without having to give them your real address (

There are two types of redirection:

  • Simple redirection (diagram 1). The email is sent directly to the redirection email address, and the original recipient does not receive the email.

  • Redirection with a local copy (diagram 2). The email is sent to the recipient as well as the redirection email address.


Please note that you can set a redirection to several email addresses.



Depending on the date your MX Plan solution was activated and if it was recently migrated, you will be using either the legacy version or the new version of the solution. Before you proceed, you will need to check which version you are using.

To do this, log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, and go to the Web Cloud section. Click Emails, and then choose the name of the MX Plan service concerned. Then you can proceed in accordance with the version you are using.

MX Plan legacy version MX Plan new version
Find the solution in the "Subscription" box.
Locate the Server model in the "Summary" box.
Continue to Legacy version of the MX Plan solution Continue to New version of the MX Plan solution

MX Plan legacy version

Step 1: Access the section for managing redirections.

By default, you will be on the General information tab for your MX Plan. Click on the Emails tab, then Manage redirections on the right-hand side.


Step 2: Add a redirection.

The table showing active redirections will appear. Click on the Add a redirection button to the right.


Fill in the fields depending on the following 3 settings:

Information Description
From the address Enter the email address you would like to redirect.
To the address Enter the destination address for your redirection. This can be one of your OVHcloud email addresses, or an external email address.
Choose a copy method Choose whether you would like to:
- Keep a copy of the email with OVHcloud (receive the email on your primary email address, as well as the redirection email address).
- Not keep a copy of the email (send the email directly to the email address — the primary email address will not receive the email).
See the diagram at the beginning of the guide.

Then click Confirm to add this redirection.


If you choose the Keep a copy of the email with OVHcloud option, a redirection of the email address to itself will be created automatically in the list of redirections, so that a local copy is always kept.

MX Plan new version

For the new version of MX Plan, redirections are not managed via the OVHcloud Control Panel. They are managed directly via the webmail platform for the email address concerned.

Go to the webmail platform here. Enter the email address and password to log in. emails

Step 1: Access the section for managing redirections.

Once you have logged in via the webmail platform, click on the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner, then Options.

emails From the Options window in the left-hand corner, go to the Automatic processing category in the Mail section, then click Mailbox and storage rules.


In this window, you can manage redirections and apply filters on all incoming emails.

Step 2: Add a redirection.

Once you have opened the window for managing Mailbox rules, click on the + icon on the top left-hand corner. emails

In this window, you can define the rules necessary for creating a redirection:

Information Description
Name Set a name for your redirection (box 1).
When an email is received and meets all of these conditions If you want your redirection to apply to all emails, click [Apply to all emails] (box 2).
Perform the following operations This is where you apply the redirection. Select Transfer, redirect or send, then Redirect email to... (box 3). Next, type in the email address you would like to redirect emails to in Redirect email to..., then click Save (box 4).


In our example, we are setting a redirection with a local copy (see diagram 2 at the beginning of this guide). If this is what you need, click OK (floppy disk icon) in the top left-hand corner, and the rule will be applied. If you do not want to do this, skip to the next step.

To apply a simple redirection (diagram 1 at the beginning of this guide), add an extra rule to your redirection with a local copy in this window. Click Add an action (box 1), then Move, copy or delete — then delete email. This rule directly moves the email into the trash folder, once the email has been redirected to the redirection email address.


Once you have completed the fields in this window, click OK(floppy disk icon) in the top left-hand corner.

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