Creating an autoresponder for your email addresses

Find out how to set up automatic email replies

Last updated 20th April 2021


This OVHcloud feature allows you to set up an automatic email responder that will leave a message for people trying to contact you by email in your absence.

This guide explains how to configure automatic replies for your email addresses.



Creating autoresponders

Log in to your OVHcloud Control Panel and switch to Web Cloud. Select Emails , then choose the domain name concerned. Next, click on the button Manage auto-replies in the tab Emails.

You will be redirected to the Manage auto-replies section where all of the email responders for this domain are listed.

To create a new one, click on Add an auto-reply.


In the popup window, fill out the form according to the information below:

Auto-reply type

  • Linked to a mailbox: to be used if it concerns an existing email account of your email solution.
  • Free: to be used for an alias address. An alias is not linked to an existing account.

Mailbox or Auto-reply name

  • Select the email account concerned by the responder.
  • For "Free" mode, enter the name of your alias address.

Auto-reply duration

  • Temporary: Define a start and end date for the responder, for example if you are scheduling an absence.
  • Permanent: The automatic replies stay active until you delete or modify the responder.

Keep messages on the server or Send a copy

  • Choose here whether emails received during your absence will be deleted or kept.
    • Message: This will be the reply to incoming mails while the responder is active.
    • Address on copy ("Free" mode only): if the receiving address is an alias, you need to select the email account incoming messages will be kept in.

If you deselect this option, messages received during your absence will be automatically deleted.

If all the mandatory fields are filled out, you can click on Confirm to create the autoresponder.

Modifying or deleting autoresponders

Autoresponders are displayed in the table in the Manage auto-replies section of your email service. You can delete or modify a responder by clicking on ... to the right of it.


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