Changing your web hosting plan offer

Find out how to change the subscription offer for your OVHcloud Web Hosting plan

Last updated 19th May 2022


In your OVHcloud Control Panel, you can increase the capacity of your web hosting offers to have more compute resources, storage space, databases or email addresses. Additional features such as mailing lists (from the Pro plan) or Private SQL (included with the offers of the Performance range) will also become available with a subscription upgrade.

Find out how to scale your OVHcloud hosting plan without any service interruptions.



Need to temporarily boost your hosting?

With the option BOOST, available on our Performance offers, you can temporarily increase your web hosting plan’s resources to absorb seasonal traffic spikes. If this increase in traffic becomes permanent, you can also upgrade to a higher solution, so you permanently have more resources.

Important - Billing in case of subscription change

When you change your current plan, a "time transfer" applies your new plan. This extension corresponds to the remaining subscription duration on your current solution.

You are switching from a Personal offer to a Professional offer, but your current subscription has not ended.
As a result, the remaining duration will be automatically added to your new Pro subscription on a pro rata basis.
The service will therefore last a little more than a year, until its next renewal.

Modifying your hosting plan

You can only change your subscription to a plan that delivers fewer resources if the plan is the next lowest. For example, you cannot switch from a Performance 2 hosting to a Pro hosting in a single operation. You will first need to downgrade your web hosting plan from the Performance 2 plan to the Performance 1 plan, then to the Professional plan.

Before you change your subscription to a lower plan, make sure that the use you make of your current plan is compatible with the features of your next plan.

To do this, follow these instructions, upgrade your solution, and repeat these steps as required.

To change your subscription, go to your OVHcloud Control Panel in the Web Cloud section. Click Hosting plans and select the plan concerned.

In the Plan box, click the ... button to the right of Solution, then Change plan.


Then select your new subscription and its duration. Confirm the corresponding contracts, then click Send.

Checking that your hosting plan is compatible with a lower plan

Number of sites

With the Kimsufi Web solution, you cannot have more than one domain name on your hosting plan’s multisite.

Before you switch from the Personal solution to the Kimsufi Web solution, please check that your web hosting plan only has one website.

Start SQL databases

Before moving your hosting plan to a lower plan, please ensure that the new plan has enough databases. Also make sure they are of sufficient size.

Otherwise, delete unused databases and reduce the amount of data they contain, if necessary. This quantity must not exceed the maximum size of the databases in the new solution (for any requests for assistance with the operations to be carried out, contact the OVHcloud partners).

If you have deleted data from your databases, you can recalculate the quota used from the Databases tab in the Hosting section of the OVHcloud Control Panel. Click on the ... button to the right of the database concerned, then Recalculate the quota.


FTP space

Before switching your hosting plan to a lower plan, please ensure that the new plan includes enough FTP storage space so that you can import files from your current hosting plan.

The quota used on your FTP hosting plan is visible in the Hosting plans section of the OVHcloud Control Panel. Click on the General information tab, and you will see the quota under Disk space.


Email accounts

Please also check that your new solution has a sufficient number of available email accounts. Otherwise, delete the extra accounts, after you have backed up the contents if necessary.

If you would like to keep the same number of email accounts, before moving your web hosting to a lower plan, you can also order a new MX Plan email solution. In the Emails section of the OVHcloud Control Panel, click on the solution concerned, then on the ... button to the right of the solution. Next, click Change solution.


Mailing lists

The Mailing lists feature is optional on Personal and Kimsufi Web hosting plans.

To set up your hosting plan on a Personal solution, you will need to delete the mailing lists first, or order an email solution with this feature (MX Plan 100 or MX Plan Full) from your OVHcloud Control Panel.

In the Emails section of your Control Panel, select the solution concerned, then click on ... to the right of Solution. Next, click Change solution.

Go further

Accessing a website’s logs and statistics on a web hosting

Optimising your website’s performance

For specialised services (SEO, development, etc.), contact OVHcloud partners.

If you would like assistance using and configuring your OVHcloud solutions, please refer to our support offers.

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