Ordering Public Cloud projects using the OVHcloud API

Find out how to order your Public Cloud project with the OVHcloud API

Last updated 9th December 2020


Creating a project is the first step in deploying Public Cloud instances.

This guide explains how to order a Public Cloud project via the OVHcloud API.



Log in to the OVHcloud API interface according to the relevant guide and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Building your cart

The first step of an order is to create a 'shopping cart'. Following that you can add a Public Cloud project.

Create the cart

Use this call to create the cart:

Make sure to choose your appropriate OVHcloud API subsidiary. Take note of the cart number ("cartId") in the response; it will be required to identify this cart.

Next you will need to add a Public Cloud project as an item. Use this call with your "cartId" to verify the service availability:

In the response you can verify the parameters pertaining to a Public Cloud project:

planCode: "project.2018"

productName: "Public Cloud Project"

Add a project to the cart

Now use this call to add the item to your cart:

The following information, retrieved in the previous steps, needs to be provided:

Field Value
cartId ID of your cart
duration P1M
planCode project.2018
pricingMode default
quantity 1

The response will include an "itemId" which can be used (together with the "cartId") to retrieve the cart item:

You can check the list of available configuration settings for this item with this call:

Use the following endpoint to name your project (label: "description"):

Field Value
cartId ID of your cart
itemId ID of the item
label description
value Your project name

To apply a voucher code, use the same call with the label "voucher", etc.

The responses will include a "configurationId" which can be used (together with the "cartId" and "itemId") to retrieve the configuration (GET) or delete it, for example:

Step 2: Checking out the cart

You can verify your cart contents using the "cartId":

With the following call you can create a link to your order. It is required to first tick the relevant checkbox in order to waive the right of withdrawal.

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