Public Cloud & VPS - Image life cycle

Find out about the life cycle of images provided for Public Cloud & VPS

Last updated 22nd September 2021


This documentation will share the end of life (EOL) roadmap for OVHcloud images. OVHcloud follows the official life cycle of each distribution. This means that when a distribution reaches its end of life, it will also be the EOL of the corresponding OVHcloud image for VPS and Public Cloud services on the same date.

Distribution Life Cycle

Distribution URL
Debian 11 Life Cycle
Debian 10 Life Cycle
Debian 9 Life Cycle
Ubuntu 18.04 Life Cycle
Ubuntu 20.04 Life Cycle
Ubuntu 20.10 Life Cycle
Ubuntu 21.04 Life Cycle
Centos 7 Life Cycle
Centos 8 Life Cycle
Fedora 33 Life Cycle
Fedora 34 Life Cycle
Windows Server 2012 R2 Life Cycle
Windows Server 2016 Life Cycle
Windows Server 2019 Life Cycle

EOLs in 2021

  • Ubuntu 16.04 - April 2021
  • Fedora 32 - May 2021
  • Ubuntu 20.10 - July 2021
  • Fedora 33 - ~ November 2021 (maintained for 4 weeks after Fedora 35 release)
  • Centos 8 - December 2021

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