CLI - Installation

Learn how to install the CLI to interact with AI Tools

Last updated 1st September, 2022.


This guide covers the installation of the ovhai CLI. The CLI is the recommended means of interaction with AI Training, AI Notebooks or AI Deploy services.



Step 1: Installing the CLI

You can choose the cluster location for the ovhai CLI:

  • Gravelines (GRA) in France
  • Beauharnois (BHS) in Canada

Here by default we will use the region gra in each of the commands. You are free to replace it with bhs if you want.

You can then choose between two methods to install the ovhai CLI.

Install ovhai CLI with a curl command

You can install the ovhai CLI with a single command line.

curl | bash

Once done, go to Step 2.

If you encounter any issue with the automated installation you can also install manually.

Install ovhai CLI thanks to a zip file

You can also install the cli by following the link below:

After downloading the right zip for your platform, unzip it and add it to your PATH:

unzip ovhai-<platform>.zip
mkdir -p $HOME/bin
mv ovhai $HOME/bin/ovhai
export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin/

Step 2: Authenticating

Once the ovhai CLI is installed, you need to authenticate with the AI Training service.

ovhai login

You have the choice between two methods to log in:

  • terminal: you can authenticate yourself from within the terminal.
  • browser: you will reach an authentication page similar to this:


Use the credentials of your AI Training user to log in.

Step 3: Using the command line CLI

You can use the command ovhai --help to list available actions and ovhai <action> --help for more information about a specific action.

The documentation of the CLI is available at CLI documentation.

In addition, when performing any action in the AI Training, AI Notebooks or AI Deploy sections of the OVHcloud Control Panel you are provided with the equivalent command to get you started with the ovhai CLI.


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