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Change user rights

This guide shows you how to change Ceph user rights using the web interface.

Using web interface

Using web interface is the easiest way to change user rights.

You must first select your user.

Ceph users

It will list current rights, by default there is no rights.

Ceph pool creation

Let's chose some rights for our user.

Ceph pool creation

As usual cluster status and task list changes.

Using API

GET /dedicated/ceph/98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15/user
    mdsCaps: "",
    monCaps: "allow r",
    serviceName: "98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15",
    name: "myuser"
    osdCaps: "allow class-read object_prefix rbd_children, allow rwx pool=mypool",
    key: "AQA9KpdXoBrDNhAAFCM7m/XOtmWh3LMSNlHVqw==",

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