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Cluster status

This guide shows you how to check your Ceph cluster status and health.

Using web interface

First, connect to the Ceph as a Service manager. You will see two differents parts: cluster details and cluster health.

Cluster details

Ceph users

Additional explanations:


Name given to you cluster


We currently deliver Ceph clusters on Strasbourg, Gravelines and Beauharnois.


We currently deliver clusters up to version 9.2.1 (official Ceph releases)


It's the algorithm used to place datas.


Installed means that all tasks requested are done.




IP that you have to use to reach your monitors.

Create date

Creation date of your cluster

Update date

Date of the last task applied to your cluster

Cluster health

Ceph users

Additional explanations:


HEALTH_OK means that every objects are at the right place and have 3 replicates.

HEALTH_WARN means that some objects are missplaced (like after a growth) or that some object are not replicated three times. In this case cluster is recovering


Boolean indicating if everything is ok with Ceph cluster or not

Availables bytes

Free bytes available in the cluster (before replication)

Used bytes

Bytes currently used in the cluster (after replication)

Space usage [%]

Percentage of used bytes in relation to total bytes

Cluster active tasks

List of user-initiated tasks that are currently being processed for this cluster

Using API

Get Ceph cluster details with a simple HTTP call.

GET /dedicated/ceph/98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15
  updateDate: "2016-07-26T09:16:07"
  status: "INSTALLED"
  region: "SBG1"
  serviceName: "98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15"
  state: "ACTIVE"
  createDate: "2016-07-20T08:00:37"
  cephMons: [
  crushTunables: "OPTIMAL"
  label: "Ceph cluster"
  cephVersion: "9.2.1"

Get Ceph cluster health:

  status: "HEALTH_OK"
  availableBytes: 5891996504064
  serviceName: "98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15"
  healthy: true
  usedBytes: 124981248

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