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Using the IPMI with dedicated servers

With the IPMI, you can log in to your server without having to use any external software.

Last updated 2018/08/28


With the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) console, you can access your Dedicated Server directly, without needing to use any external software (e.g. a terminal or PuTTY). This guide will explain how to boot this console.

Please note that you may also see the term KVM (Keyboard Video and Mouse) used for this solution, particularly for VPS products.



You can access the IPMI using two different methods: the Java applet (recommended) or the browser (Serial over LAN).

Access via the Java applet.

You will need to ensure that Java is installed on your desktop for the Java applet to work. If you do not have Java installed, go to the official page to do so.

In the IPMI section of the OVHcloud Control Panel, click on From a Java applet (KVM):

IPMI Java initiated

Download the file kvm.jnlp when you are prompted to do so, and run it:

IPMI Java opening

You will then land on the login page, where you will be prompted to enter your root credentials, as you would need to when logging in via a terminal or external software application:

IPMI Java login

You can now manage your server.

Access via your browser, using Serial over LAN (SoL).

Although we would recommend that you log in via the Java applet, you can also access the IPMI using Serial over LAN. To do so, click on From your browser in the IPMI section of the OVHcloud Control Panel:

IPMI SoL activation

It may take several minutes to access the IPMI using SoL, which is why we would recommend using the applet instead.

Test and reboot the IPMI.

Your IPMI may stop responding. If you cannot access it, you can test it first by clicking on Test the IPMI, and checking the result of the diagnostic:

IPMI test

If everything appears to be normal, as per our example, you may be experiencing a local technical issue (internet connection, local desktop). If the IPMI encounters any issues, you can reboot it by clicking Reboot the IPMI.

IPMI test

It will take several minutes for the IPMI to reboot.

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