Disaster Recovery Plan in Nutanix

Overview of various Disaster Recovery Plan solutions in Nutanix

Last updated 29th June 2022


This guide will take you through the possibilities offered by Nutanix clusters installed on OVHcloud infrastructures, for implementing Disaster Recovery Plans (DRPs).

OVHcloud provides services for which you are responsible, with regard to their configuration and management. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that they they function correctly.

This guide is designed to assist you in common tasks as much as possible. Nevertheless, we recommend contacting a specialist service provider or reaching out to our community if you experience any issues.


  • Multiple Nutanix clusters with either organisation:
    • Multiple Nutanix clusters at physically different sites at OVHcloud
    • A Nutanix cluster provided by OVHcloud and another Nutanix cluster from another provider
  • Access to the OVHcloud Control Panel
  • Access to your clusters via Prism Central
  • A vRack or IPSEC VPN connection between the two clusters, as required

Solutions overview

Interconnection solutions

As part of a disaster recovery plan, it is important to choose the right interconnection between remote sites.
The two clusters must be fully visible to each other through a secure connection.

To do this, you can use various methods such as:

  • Connecting all sites via the same vRack.

Interconnection with vRack diagram

  • Setting up an IPsec VPN between the two Nutanix clusters.

Interconnection with IPsec diagram

An example of an IPsec interconnection in this guide: IPsec interconnection between two sites

Nutanix solutions for implementing a disaster recovery plan

Some solutions are available with Prism Element:

  • Async DR: replication between two remote storage containers is only done once per hour. If a problem occurs, it is possible to lose one hour of data (RPO 1 hour) but the restart can be done manually in one minute.
  • NearSync DR: replication occurs several times per hour. You can sync between 1 and 15 minutes, depending on the licence you have (RPO between 1 and 15 minutes).

Details of these solutions can be found in our documentation on asynchronous or NearSync replication through Prism Element

The management of disaster recovery plans can be improved via third-party tools or a Nutanix solution called Leap through Prism Central.

Asynchronous replication between two sites is integrated with the OVHcloud Nutanix Standard solution. However, you will need to upgrade to the OVHcloud Nutanix Advanced solution to use the other options.

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IPsec interconnection between two sites

Asynchronous or NearSync replication through Prism Element

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