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Discover virtual machine management in Prism Central

Last updated 10th May 2022


Find out how to manage virtual machines in a Nutanix cluster, and how to create and migrate a virtual machine.

OVHcloud provides services for which you are responsible, with regard to their configuration and management. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that they work properly.

This guide is designed to assist you as much as possible with common tasks. Nevertheless, we recommend contacting a specialist provider if you experience any difficulties or doubts when it comes to managing, using or setting up a service on a server.

Some software requires a licence such as Microsoft products, so make sure that all installed systems and software have these licences.


  • a Nutanix cluster in your OVHcloud account
  • access to the OVHcloud Control Panel
  • You must be connected to Prism Central on the cluster

Overview of Virtual Machine Management in Prism Central

The Nutanix system uses the same interfaces to manage storage and virtualisation, it can be installed with multiple hypervisors (Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, AHV). AHV comes with Nutanix without the need to purchase additional licences for the hypervisor.

The OVHcloud solution is delivered with the AHV hypervisor.

AHV enables:

  • Using virtual machines on Windows and Linux.
  • Migrating virtual machines from one node to another in a cluster.
  • Micro-segmentation and network security between virtual machines using Flow software.

The Move tool makes it easy to migrate existing virtual machines in other environments (ESXi, Hyper-V & AWS) to Nutanix and its AHV hypervisor.

For more information on AHV, see the Go further section of this guide.


The following instructions show the creation of a virtual machine in Windows Server 2022 and the migration of a virtual machine.

Creating a Virtual Machine for a Windows 2022 Operating System

Installing a virtual machine on Windows Server 2022 requires a particular setup because Microsoft does not provide the driver for the AHV hypervisor disk controller.

Creating a Windows Server 2022 VM

In the left-hand menu of Prism Central, expand Compute & Storage and click VMs

Prism Central Dashboard - VM Menu

Click the Create VM button.

Prism Central dashboard - VM management

Type a name in Name, choose the options in VM Properties and click Next

Creating a virtual machine - Step 1

Adding a system disk

Click the Attach Disk button.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 2

Enter 60 in the Capacity field and click Save to create a 60 GB disk.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 3

Adding Windows Server 2022 Installation ISO Image

The image must be imported before it can be used in a new virtual machine.

For more information on importing images, see the Go further section of this guide.

Click Attach Disk.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 4

Change the Type settings to CD-ROM, Operation to Clone from Image, Image to WS2022EN.ISO.

Click Save.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 5

Adding an ISO image containing AHV-specific drivers

This image contains the disk controller driver and should also be imported. It is available on the Nutanix website if you have a Nutanix customer account.

Click Attach Disk.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 6

Change the Type settings to CD-ROM, Operation to Clone from Image, Image to Nutanix-VirtIO-1.1.7.iso.

Click Save.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 7

Network configuration

Click Attach Subnet.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 8

Leave the default fields and click Save.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 9

Click Next.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 10

Select your timezone and click Next.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 11

Click Create VM.

Creating a virtual machine - Step 12

The newly created virtual machine will then appear in the dashboard.

VM dashboard - VM Created.

Windows Server 2022 setup

Select the virtual machine on which you want to install Windows Server 2022, by ticking the box to the left of the VM.

Installation - WS2022 - Launch

Powering on the virtual machine

Click the Actions menu then Power ON.

Installation - WS2022 - Startup

Launching the console

Click the Actions menu then Launch Console.

Installation - WS2022 - Interface Connection

Starting the installation

Choose your local settings and click Next.

Installation - WS2022 - Etape1

Click Install now.

Installation - WS2022 - Step2

Select Windows Server 2022 Standard (Desktop Experience) and click Next.

Installation - WS2022- Etape3

Review the Microsoft software licence terms and conditions, accept them and click Next.

Installation - WS2022

Click Custom: Install Microsoft Server Operating System only (advanced).

Installation - WS2022

Click on Load driver.

Installation - WS2022- Step4

Click Browse.

Installation - WS2022- Step5

Select the correct folder e:\Windows Server 2022\amd64 and click OK.

Installation - WS2022- Step5

Select these drivers:

  • Nutanix VirtIO Balloon Driver
  • Nutanix VirtIO Ethernet Adapter
  • Nutanix VirtIO SCSI pass-through controller
  • QEMU FWCfg Device

Click Next.

Installation - WS2022- Step6

The 60 GB disk will appear, click Next.

Installation - WS2022- Step6

Enter and confirm the password in both fields and click Finish.

Installation - WS2022- Step9

Windows Server 2022 and WS2022 specific drivers for the AHV hypervisor have been installed.

Installation - WS2022- Step9

Installing NGT (Nutanix Guest Tools)

NGT are tools that enable better interaction with Nutanix, particularly in terms of backups and snapshots.

Start the virtual machine console, right-click a CDROM drive, and click Eject.

NGT Installation 1

Go back to Prism Central and select the virtual machine.

NGT Installation 2

On the Actions menu, click Install NGT.

NGT Installation 3

Click Confirm & Enter Password.

NGT Installation 4

Click Skip and Mount.

NGT Installation 5

Return to the virtual machine console and right-click the CDROM drive containing the NGT.

Click Install Nutanix Guest Tools.

NGT Installation 6

Review the terms and conditions, accept them, then click Install.

NGT Installation 7

The installation will then begin.

NGT Installation 8

Once the installation is complete, close the installation wizard using the Close button.

NGT Installation 9

The installation of a virtual machine on Windows is then complete.

Migrating a virtual machine

Migrating a virtual machine involves moving a hot VM from one node to another in a cluster.

If you have several clusters and the appropriate licences, you can also migrate a VM from one cluster to another.

This guide only shows you how to migrate a VM within the same cluster.

In Prism Central VM Management, click WS2022N.

Migrate - VM01

Check which node the VM is currently running on. It is displayed next to Host.

Migrate - VM02

Click the More button, then Migrate.

Migrate - VM03

Choose a destination node.

Migrate - VM04

The name of the new node will appear in front of Host if the migration is complete.

Migrate - VM05

Go further

Presentation of a Nutanix cluster

Importing images into Nutanix

Nutanix documentation on AHV

Nutanix licences

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