Añadir un servidor ESXi en un cluster vSAN (EN)

Find out how to add an ESXi server to an existing vSAN cluster

Last updated 22nd December 2021


This guide explains how to add a new ESXi server storage to an existing vSAN cluster.



Order a new vSan host

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel with your administrative credentials.

In the Hosted Private Cloud section, select your datacenter and go to the Hosts tab.
Click on the Order a Host button.


Select the fitting vSAN host for your need and click Confirm Order


Verify the recap of your order and click Next

Check the boxes to accept the terms and conditions and go on to the payment. You will get an order confirmation.

The new host will be automatically integrated to your infrastructure and you will receive a confirmation email when it is ready for use in vSphere.

Add new vSan host storage to your datastore

In the vSphere interface menu, go to the Hosts and Clusters dashboard.


You should see your new host in the cluster.
On the left side, select your cluster, go in the Configure tab then vSAN / Disk Management.
Click on Claim Unused Disks.


Available disks are assigned to cache or capacity (see Official VMware VSAN page for explanation) depending on types and sizes. You can customize it to your need.

Click on Create when ready.


The new disk group will take some time to be created and added to the vSAN datastore.


Once done, the datastore is ready for use with the added storage.

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