Responsibility model

Shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer

Last updated September 28th, 2021

Public Cloud Databases allow you to focus on building and deploying cloud applications while OVHcloud takes care of the database infrastructure and maintenance in operational conditions.

The RACI below details shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer for Public Cloud Databases services. This shared model can help relieve the customer’s operational burden.

RACI definition

R: Is in charge of carrying out the process
A: Guarantees the successful completion of the process
C: Is consulted during the process
I: Is informed of the results of the process

For your information, a Service is considered a Public Cloud Databases service such as a MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, Cassandra, or M3 cluster.

1. Before subscription

1.1. Specify service as needed

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Learn about the capabilities and limitations of the Services detailed in the OVHcloud documentation RA I
Choose service location RA I
Size services as needed RA I
Choose options as needed RA I

2. Service availability

2.1. Install service

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Produce, route, deliver and maintain physical machines, virtual machines and hosting buildings RA
Buy and hold licences and usage rights for software provided by OVHcloud RA
Buy and hold licences and usage rights for backup solutions provided by OVHcloud RA

2.2. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Offer standard solutions and protocols for importing and exporting data I RA

3. Service usage

3.1. Operations

3.1.1. Daily operations
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Use all virtual machines (nodes) deployed in the IaaS RA
Decide to add/delete resources to the existing service RA I
Add/delete resources to the existing service I RA
3.1.2. Access management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage access and security policy for Service users RA I
Managing OVHcloud teams’ physical access to infrastructures RA
Managing OVHcloud teams’ logical access to infrastructures I RA
Managing access to the OVHcloud Control Panel RA I
Manage access to management interfaces specific to the Service (command line, API, etc.) RA I
3.1.3. Monitoring
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Monitor the proper functioning of physical devices (utilities) in support of the Platform as a Service RA
Monitor the proper functioning of virtual devices (utilities) in support of Platform as a Service I RA
Monitor physical and virtual resource performance I RA
Monitor service performance RA I
Process and pay for alarms from managed devices in the Public Cloud Databases infrastructure I RA
Maintain logs generated by Public Cloud Databases services RA RA
Keep logs of the Service hosted on Public Cloud Databases RA
3.1.4. Storage
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Managing content hosted on Public Cloud Databases services RA I
Ensuring data continuity and sustainability RA
Perform storage and backup device maintenance RA
Create, modify, control, restore, delete internal backup jobs I RA
3.1.5. Connectivity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Operate automatic network management systems (architecture, implementation, software and hardware maintenance for deployed public and private networks) I RA
Manage IP addressing plan RA
3.1.6. Management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Ensuring the security of management infrastructures (API, Control Panel) I RA
Ensure the security of the operating systems and software installed on the services I RA
Managing the physical security of equipment and infrastructures hosted at OVHcloud I RA
Maintain Public Cloud Databases services and their extensions C RA
3.1.7. Business continuity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage automatic management systems for the infrastructure provided I RA
Maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for hosted services RA I

3.2. Event management

3.2.1. Incidents
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Intervening with Public Cloud Databases managed elements RA
3.2.2. Changes
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Comply with the Public Cloud Enterprise Lifecycle Policy RA
Deploy patches, update software and information systems hosted in Public Cloud Databases CI RA
Confirm the customer's request to change the hardware or software for the Database service A R
Deploy patches, update and configure the information system using Public Cloud Databases RA
Perform preventive interventions on managed elements of the Public Cloud Databases I AR

4. Reverting

4.1. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Schedule reversibility operations RA I
Choose fallback infrastructures RA

4.2. Data recovery

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage reversibility operations RA I
Migrate/transfer data RA

5. End of service

5.1. Destroying configurations

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Delete Public Cloud project services RA I

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