Getting started with Cold Archive (Alpha) (EN)

This guide shows you how to manage your data with Cold Archive

Last updated 15th March 2022


Cold Archive is a service for long-term data storage. When archived, every object of a bucket is stored on physical tapes. Restoration can take some time as it needs to be read on tapes.

This guide explains how to set up storage on tapes with Cold Archive.

During the the Alpha period, tapes are not used.



In this tutorial, awscli aliases are used to simplify the commands.

mkdir -p ~/.aws/cli
touch ~/.aws/cli/alias

Add this content to the file:


put-ovh-archive = s3api put-bucket-intelligent-tiering-configuration --id myid --intelligent-tiering-configuration '{"Id": "myid", "Status": "Enabled", "Tierings": [{"Days": 999,"AccessTier": "OVH_ARCHIVE"}]}' --bucket

put-ovh-restore = s3api put-bucket-intelligent-tiering-configuration --id myid --intelligent-tiering-configuration '{"Id": "myid", "Status": "Enabled", "Tierings": [{"Days": 999,"AccessTier": "OVH_RESTORE"}]}' --bucket

get-ovh-bucket-status = s3api get-bucket-intelligent-tiering-configuration --id myid --bucket

delete-ovh-archive = s3api delete-bucket-intelligent-tiering-configuration --id myid --bucket

Id will be necessary for further PUT, GET and DELETE operations on the intelligent-tiering configuration. Status and Days are mandatory but not used.

The plugin awscli-plugin-endpoint is not working with aliases, the parameter --endpoint-url will be required in every command.

If you have defined multiple profiles, add --profile <profile> to the command line.

Bucket archiving

After its creation, a bucket is in write-only mode.
Allowed actions are adding and listing objects.

Archive a bucket:

aws --endpoint-url put-ovh-archive <bucket_name>

After this request, the bucket is not archived yet.
It will take some time before it is archived on the tapes.
From this command and until a restoration, the bucket cannot accept any read or write requests on objects (listing objects is still allowed).

During the Alpha period, nothing is stored on tapes.

Bucket restoring

Restore a bucket:

aws --endpoint-url put-ovh-restore <bucket_name>

After this request, the bucket is not restored yet.
It will take some time before it is restored and for the objects to be accessible in read-only (writing objects is forbidden).

Bucket deletion

Delete an intelligent-tiering configuration and objects of a bucket:

aws --endpoint-url delete-ovh-archive <bucket_name>

After this request, the objects of the bucket are not deleted yet.
It will take some time before objects are deleted.
Once objects are deleted, the bucket can be released:

aws s3 rb s3://<bucket_name>

Bucket status

Once an intelligent-tiering configuration has been pushed (via a put-bucket-intelligent-tiering-configuration operation) and until it is removed (via a delete-bucket-intelligent-tiering-configuration operation), the status of a bucket is readable through:

aws --endpoint-url get-ovh-bucket-status <bucket_name> | jq '.IntelligentTieringConfiguration.Status'

List of bucket statuses

Status Description Objects permissions
None No Intelligent-Tiering configuration pushed on the bucket yet. Write-only + Listing
Locked Archive process asked from user. Waiting for the robot to deal with the request. Listing
Archiving Archiving in progress on tapes. Listing
Draining Objects stored on tapes and currently being removed from the disks. Listing
Archived Objects archived on tapes only. Listing
Restoring Restoration in progress from tapes. Listing
Restored Objects restored and accessible. Read-only + Listing
Deleting Objects deletion from tapes (and disks if restored) in progress. Listing
Flushed Bucket is empty and can safely be removed. Listing (empty bucket)

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