OVH Guide

Docker is a great tool to simplify the deployment of applications. It separates development from deployment, allowing you to run your application inside containers with complete resource isolation.

As RunAbove supports cloud-init post-installation, we can take advantage of this to easily install docker when spawning an instance.

Launch host instance:

From OpenStack Horizon, click on Instances panel and then on Launch instance button. This guide is tested on Ubuntu, Debian and CoreOS, but you can test other operating system.

Control panel screenshot

Don't forget to add a network interface into Networking tab!

Add post-installation script to deploy docker:

Next, go to the Post-Creation tab and add the command below into Customization script field.


Control panel screenshot

Click on Launch button to create your Docker platform.

Use Docker

Once your instance is spawned, you can ssh into it and start using Docker.

admin@docker:~$ sudo docker version
Client version: 1.0.0
Client API version: 1.12
Go version (client): go1.2.1
Git commit (client): 63fe64c
Server version: 1.0.0
Server API version: 1.12
Go version (server): go1.2.1
Git commit (server): 63fe64c

If you want to learn more about Docker and how to use it, you can follow this guide:

You can see also how to install CoreOS on RunAbove to deploy a very small operating system below Docker containers.