OVH Guide

On September 24th a critical security issue has been found in bash. The issue is called Shellshock. Under certain circumstances, a remote attacker could execute commands on the system using this breach. Here is what to do to safely use RunAbove systems.

New instances

Images on RunAbove has been updated with the latest security fix. Each new instance will not be vulnerable anymore. You do not need to do anything else.

Already existing instances

For instances launched before September 26th it is very important to update bash.

By now all distribution vendors have fixed the issue in the bash package. To benefit from the fix you only need to update your system with the package manager.

Debian and Ubuntu

On Debian and Ubuntu you can update your system with apt:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Fedora and CentOS

On Fedora and CentOS you can update your system with yum:

sudo yum update

Other systems

If you feel like compiling the latest version of bash from sources you can fetch the tarball and run the build with:

tar -xf bash-4.3.tar.gz
cd bash-4.3

You can then install it:

make install