OVH Guide

How to subscribe to and use the VPS-HDD lab

VPS-HDD: 1 physical disk dedicated to your virtual machine, 1T, 2T and 4T volumes.


Go to Runabove > Labs > Discover Vps-HDD > Start Now


To activate the vps-hdd lab you will have to provide a payment mean


Spawn your instance(s)

Take care of choosing the correct parameters

  • Region where VPS-HDD is available: HZ-1

  • Images: Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 7, Fedora 20, CentOS 7

  • Flavors: vps-hdd-1000, vps-hdd-2000, vps-hdd-4000



  • When subscribing to the lab, if you go to the openstack dashboard you will also be presented some images related to the armcloud lab (ubuntu-14.04-aarch64), they are not intended (and cannot) be used for vps-hdd. If you still want to use them, subscribe to the arm lab first

  • When spawning your vps-hdd you have two disks attached to the virtual machines: one small 10G one containing the rootfs (vda), and the big volume (vdb), with a capacity matching to the flavor you chose (1T, 2T or 4T). By default we have formatted it in ext4 and mounted it on /home. Nothing prevents you from changing this if you want to.

  • When you rebuild your instance (nova rebuild, or through the openstack dahsboard), only the primary disk content is restored. The secondary disk content will be preserved. Only if you terminate/destroy the instance will it be erased