Responsibility model

Shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer

Last updated July 28th, 2022

The Logs Data Platform is an interface for collecting, indexing and analyzing logs. Wherever your logs come from, you can use the platform to choose different entry points depending on the protocol, security level and format. You can analyze and use data with a variety of different APIs and web interfaces.

The RACI below details shared responsibilities between OVHcloud and the customer for Logs Data Platform services. This shared model can help relieve the customer’s operational burden.

RACI definition

R: Is in charge of carrying out the process
A: Guarantees the successful completion of the process
C: Is consulted during the process
I: Is informed of the results of the process

For your information, a Log forwarder agent is considered as a tool (full software, script or library) that is required to forward logs to LDP.

1. Before subscription

1.1. Specify service as needed

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Learn about the capabilities and limitations of the service detailed in the OVHcloud documentation or commercial page RA I
Choose service location RA I
Choose service offer: standard or enterprise RA I

2. Service availability

2.1. Install service

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Install, configure, and deliver functional components of the service I RA
Produce, route, deliver and maintain physical machines, virtual machines and hosting buildings RA

2.2. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Offer standard solutions and protocols for importing and exporting data using API for logs and dashboards I RA
Decide to use ldp-archive-mirror for data export and local analysis RA

2.3. Customer Information System setup

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Choose service options following business needs RA I
Order and configure streams on Logs Data Platform RA I
Define retention policy following legal requirements (for hot storage and cold storage) RA
Install and configure the log forwarder agent and adapt its buffer following needs and purpose of the processing RA

3. Service usage

3.1. Operations

3.1.1. Daily operations
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Ensure network accessibility of the Platform RA
Decide to add/delete resources to the existing service RA
Manage confidentiality, integrity of data hosted on the service RA
Manage risks of the log forwarder agent RA
Manage backups on the service (logs and dashboards) RA
Manage backups on service management infrastructure RA
Adapt log forwarder agent configuration following IS evolution RA
3.1.2. Access management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage OVHcloud teams’ physical access to infrastructures RA
Manage OVHcloud teams’ logical access to infrastructures I RA
Manage access to the OVHcloud Control Panel (Manager, network acls, MFA, API, token, ..) RA I
Manage access to management interfaces specific to Logs Data Platform (streams, dashboards,...) RA I
Manage security risks of the log forwarding configuration (transport, protocols, ...) RA
Manage network configuration of the subscribed data gathering tool(s) RA I
3.1.3. Monitoring
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Monitor the proper functioning of log forwarder agent RA
Monitor physical (e.g. devices) and virtual resource performance RA
Manage hardware sizing on the service RA
Monitor service performance RA
Keep logs of the Control Plane that manages Logs Data Platform RA
3.1.4. Storage
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Keep the content sent to Logs Data Platform adequate, relevant and appropriate RA
Ensure data immutability I RA
Perform storage device maintenance RA
Create, modify, control, restore, delete internal backup jobs on management infrastructure I RA
3.1.5. Connectivity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Operate network management systems (architecture, implementation, software and hardware maintenance for deployed public and private networks) RA
Manage IP addressing plan on hosted data gathering tools RA I
Manage IP addressing plan on dedicated clusters (enterprise) RA I
3.1.6. Management
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Provide inventory of the service used I RA
Manage service register following legal requirements RA
Manage the physical security of equipment and infrastructures hosted at OVHcloud I RA
Maintain Standard Logs Data Platform services and their extensions I RA
Maintain Enterprise Logs Data Platform services and their extensions CI RA
Ensure that external tools remain compatible with the Logs Data Platform major updates RA
3.1.7. Business continuity
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage automatic management systems for the infrastructure provided I RA
Maintain a business continuity and disaster recovery plan for hosted services (logs, dashboards, ...) RA I

3.2. Event management

3.2.1. Incidents
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Intervene with Logs Data Platform managed elements I RA
Manage incidents and their consequences on log forwarder agent component RA
Notify incidents on the LDP service with ticketing system RA I
3.2.2. Changes
Activity Customer OVHcloud
Deploy patches, update software and information systems hosted in Logs Data Platform (standard) I RA
Deploy patches, update software and information systems hosted in Logs Data Platform (enterprise) CI RA
Deploy patches, update and configure the log forwarder agent using Logs Data Platform RA
Perform preventive interventions on managed elements of Logs Data Platform I RA

4. Reverting

4.1. Reversibility model

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Schedule reversibility operations RA
Choose fallback infrastructures RA

4.2. Data recovery

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Manage reversibility operations : manual extract, using API, ldp-archive-mirror RA
Migrate/transfer data RA

5. End of service

5.1. Configuration destruction

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Delete Logs Data Platform objects configuration (streams, dashboards, index, ...) RA I
Decommission log forwarder agent RA
Decommission of the client service following contract termination I RA

5.2. Data destruction

Activity Customer OVHcloud
Destroy indexed activity I RA
Destroy long term archives I RA
Destroy configuration data I RA

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