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Discover the Metrics Data Platform and why you need it

Last updated 15th May, 2018

What is Metrics Data Platform?

The Metrics Data Platform is as a fully flexible and secure solution specially designed to store and analyze high volume of time series data.

Time Series uses cases are widely spread from IoT to Monitoring. Generally, highly scalable databases are used to support volumetry. For example, the 300,000 Airbus A380 sensors on board can generate an average of 16 TB of data per flight. On a smaller scale, a single sensor that measures every second generates 31.5 million values per year.

Handling Time Series at scale is difficult, because you're running into advanced distributed systems issues, such as:

  • ingestion scalability, ie. how to absorb all the datapoints 24/7.

  • query scalability, ie. how to query in a raisonnable amount of time.

  • delete capability, ie. how to handle deletes without stopping ingestion and query.

Metrics was built at first with one goal: Being the goto metrics solution inside OVH. This includes: monitoring all servers, Cloud instances, other products, and provide KPIs for the internal teams. Following up on this first achievement, we opened the product to our customers so they can benefit from our expertise.

Check our Metrics Data Platform page to discover more about metrics and try our offers among the different options available.

We currently have two product lines : Metircs Cloud and Metrics Live. What are their differences ?

Metrics Cloud

Metrics Cloud is a a fully-managed, scalable cloud service for time series data. Key advantages:

  • Native Geo Spacial support

  • Cutting Edge Analytics capabilities

  • Protocol Agnostic, push with OpenTSDB and query with Prometheus (PromQL) or others

  • Open Source ecosystem for reversibility and ease of integration

  • Smart alerting with scheduled WarpScript™ code

  • First class security with Macaroons like tokens

  • Hadoop powered scalability

Choose the offer that suits you best, from small to pro, depending of the numbers of Time Series that you need.

Metrics Live

Metrics Live is the in-memory counterpart of Metrics Cloud.Key advantages:

  • Metrics Cloud feature set

  • Process extreme large aggregations and persist only aggregates

  • Auto eviction for short duration relevant data points

  • Fine grained monitoring with millions of series & high frequency measurements, forward only long term relevant

Ingested data into Metrics Live can be automatically forwarded to Metrics Cloud to combine atomic availability with long term storage.

How to choose between Cloud and Live?

They are bigger chance that what you need is a Metrics Cloud solution. Still you first have to take into consideration the retention of your data (which refers to the length of time you want to keep your data for) and their frequency.

But given your experience or use case, they are corner cases where you could need a Metrics Live solution. You should choose Metrics Live when:

  • you need to run massive aggregations on hundred of thousands series or more in a second
  • you need to view only the latest data and store aggregations for capacity planning
  • you need atomic availability to take decision about your data

Can I combine both Cloud and Live?

Sure! Metrics Live is extensively used inside OVH, however every team needs Metrics Cloud for long term storage, capacity planning purpose, user facing metrics, root cause analysis, late observations, machine learning analysis and deep learning model training.

We provide tools to automatically connect Metrics Live to Metrics Cloud so that you only have to push data to your Metrics Live endpoint.

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