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Last updated 23th August, 2019


Graphite is the first Time Series platform with analytics capabilities. In this guide, you will learn how to use Graphite protocol with Metrics.


  • a valid OVH Metrics account.



The Graphite API documentation is available at

We are currently supporting this calls:

Method Supported call limitation
GET /render This path does not support pictures generation
GET /metrics
GET /metrics/find
GET /metrics/index.json

Data Model

Graphite's data model uses a dot-separated format that describes a metric name, e.g. :


How to Push data

Since Graphite doesn't support authentication, we've developed a small proxy that fits on your host and accept pushes to TCP:2003 like Graphite.

It's named Fossil and it's Open Source.

How to query


To query data to the platform, you will need a READ TOKEN. Use Basic Auth directly inside the URL to pass it properly, like this :


Query using curl

Queries over Graphite are performed with URL based query parameters, json payload or form payload.

The full documentation is available at

For example:

$ curl ', 1048576)'

To authenticate requests basic auth is used. You must fill the basic auth password with the read token available in your OVH Metrics Data Platform manager.

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