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Last updated 23rd August, 2019


Metrics is protocol agnostic, it means that you can push your data with OpenTSDB, and query it with Warp 10™ or vice versa. Metrics doesn't enforce you to a proprietary protocol. Instead, we believe the plurality of existing protocols from Open Source solutions can be used to achieve Pushing and Querying the platform.


  • No specific requirement


Each protocol provides different capabilities. Some will be easier than others but may have less features. We've tried to summary them with this simple table :

Protocol Push Query Protocol documentation Features Corresponding Open Source project
InfluxDB Metrics Influx https://docs.influxdata.com/influxdb/v1.7/
OpenTSDB Metrics OpenTSDB http://opentsdb.net/
Graphite Metrics Graphite https://graphiteapp.org/
Metrics2.0 Metrics 2.0 spec http://metrics20.org/
Prometheus Metrics Prometheus https://prometheus.io/
Warp 10™ Metrics Warp 10™ https://warp10.io/

Most of the protocols don't include authentification, so you need to add the tokens in the Basic Auth field.

If you're wondering which protocol to choose, here is a simple guideline :

  • You want to push json? -> OpenTSDB
  • You want to instrument your code? -> Prometheus SDK & Beamium
  • You want powerful analytics? -> Warp 10™ & WarpScript™
  • You want tooling integration? -> InfluxDB

Authentification and endpoints

Metrics has builtin security to secure your data. In the Start section you've learnt where to get them from the manager. We've generated a default pair of tokens :

  • a READ token to Query
  • a WRITE token to Push Data

Except for Warp 10™ (where it's provided as a specific Header for push and in the DSL payload for queries), this token will be used as the password in the Basic Auth.

Most of the protocols are available through HTTPS endpoints. Here's the logic for pushing:

https://token:[write token]@[protocol].[region].metrics.ovh.net

For example : https://token:cersX8.P5X_4Zv...LEXV_hoXuKcn_BRp2eqp7@opentsdb.gra1.metrics.ovh.net

The user in the basic authenfication is ignored.

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