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Configure Beamium

Configure Beamium for Metrics Data Platform

Last updated 23th August, 2019


Beamium collect metrics from HTTP endpoints like and supports Prometheus and Warp 10™/Sensision format.

In this guide, you will learn how to configure it for Metrics Data Platform.


  • a valid Metrics account.
  • a UNIX/Linux machine


What is Beamium

Beamium collect metrics from HTTP endpoints like and supports Prometheus and Warp 10™/Sensision format. Once scraped, Beamium can filter and forward data to a Warp 10™ Time Series platform. While acquiring metrics, Beamium uses DFO (Disk Fail Over) to prevent metrics loss due to eventual network issues or unavailable service.

Beamium is written in Rust to ensure efficiency, a very low footprint and deterministic performances.

Beamium key points:

  • Simple: Beamium is a single binary that does one thing : scraping then pushing.
  • Integration: Beamium fetch Prometheus metrics and so benefits from a large community.
  • Reliable: Beamium handle network failure. Never loose data. We guarantee void proof graph ;)
  • Versatile: Beamium can also scrape metrics from a directory.
  • Powerful: Beamium is able to filter metrics and send them to multiple Warp 10™ platforms.


To ensure using the last release, please refer to the official installation guide on Github project to install Beamium.


Beamium configuration can be split into 4 parts : parameters, labels, scrapers & sinks.

Here is a basic preview of a Beamium configuration using GRA1 cluster (non exhaustive) :

    period: 10000
    format: prometheus

    token: WRITE_TOKEN

  host: myhost.domain.tld
  pool: backend
  datacenter: gra1

  sink-dir: /opt/beamium/sinks

Sinks are locations where Beamium can push your data points. They have to be valid Warp 10™ /update endpoints. You can configure multiple sinks. In this configuration, you are defining a sink which is Metrics GRA1 cluster. Don't forget to add your own WRITE TOKEN.

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