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Smart Grids : Building, Cities, Infrastructure

How Metrics solves the complexity of Smart Grids

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Smart Grids

Smart Grids are an initiative to connect buildings, cities, and infrastructure to automate and optimize energy production, traffic flows, etc.

Smart buildings

Smart Cities

Smart Infrastructures

The Metrics value for Smart Grids

Metrics platform has key features to help you store and analyze the data from the IoT world:

  • Computation is done server-side, your devices can get only the needed result of a query.
  • Storing data from thousands of sensors is only a few euros.
  • In the Warp10 protocol, both space (location) and time are considered first class citizens. Complex searches like “find all the sensors active during last Monday in the perimeter delimited by this geo-fencing polygon” can be easily done
  • Security is handled by tokens, so you can hardcode the token into every devices.