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You can set up easily a DHCP Server using Edge Gateway Services.

On your Edge Gateway, go to the Manage tab, then the DHCP tab.

If DHCP Service Status is disabled , clik Enableto enable it.

You can also enable logging and configure the log level (by default, the value is INFO).

Click Publish Changes to apply what you have just done.


To have a working DHCP Server, you need to create at least one pool. A pool is a group of IP which your DHCP Server will deliver to your VMs.

Go to the Pools section, click on the "Add" ( ) icon.

Configure the pool as following with your parameters.

Click OK.

And click Publish Changes to put your parameter in production.

Your pool is configured.

Static Binding

A static binding is a static configuration to a specific VM or MAC address.

Go to the Bindings section.

Click on the "Add" ( ) icon to configure a new binding

By default, binding is based on a VM Nic.

You can also to add a binding based on a MAC.

In this screenshot, you can see a VM NIC Binding example.

You have several things required to set up a static binding :

  • Select the NSX Edge interface to bind.
  • Select the virtual machine to bind.
  • Select the virtual machine network adapter to bind.
  • Specify the hostname and the IP address.

The others options are optional, you can configure them if needed.

Usually Subnet Mask, Primary Name server and Default gateway are configured.

Click OK.

And click Publish Changes to apply your modifications.

You are done.

In this screenshot, you can see 2 VM NIC bindings.

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