This page guide you during your first minutes with NSX on your Dedicated Cloud.

1 - Enable NSX on your dedicated cloud

Go to your manager and enable NSX on your dedicated Cloud. You will receive an email once NSX is enabled.

2 - Access to the NSX management interface

See How to access to your NSX management interface.

3 - Deploy your first NSX Edge Gateway

The NSX edge gateway is a main feature of NSX.

It allows you to create NAT rules, Firewall rules and provides you features as High availability, Load balancing, VPN, DHCP, DNS, and many other features.

See How to deploy an NSX Edge gateway.

4 - Configure Internet access through a NAT for your virtual machine in an isolated vlan.

See Create a SNAT rule

5 - Configure ssh access on a virtual machine

Follow Create a DNAT rule with your port and private IP (Firewall configuration)

Follow Add the firewall rule to allow ssh traffic to you virtual machine