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This article will show you, how to configure NSX Spoofguard.

You need to go to the SpoofGuard tab on NSX Manager, to configure your policy. You do not need any Edge Gateway to configure NSX Spoofguard

Create a SpoofGuard policy

Click the "Add Policy" ( ) icon to add a new policy.

Enter a name for the policy.

Select Enabled.

Select the Operation mode:

  • Automatically Trust IP Assignments on Their First Use : to trust all IP assignments during initial registration.
  • Manually Inspect and Approve All IP Assignments Before Us : to require manual approval of all IP addresses.
    • WARNING : This will cause all your network traffic to be down until you validate all couples IP/MAC

You can check the "Allow local address as valid address in this namespace" option to allow any local IP addresses in your setup (, fe80::/64).

Click Next.

Click the "Add" ( ) icon to select the vlan you want spoofguard to be enabled

Select the networks, distributed port groups, or logical switches where the policy should apply to.

Click OK.

Then click Finish.

And Click Publish Changes to push configuration to your NSX Manager.

Approve IP Addresses

In this screenshot, you can see one IP address approved and two IP adresses not appproved.

To approve an IP click Approve on the Action tab.

You can also approve multiple IP adresses: select Virtual NICs and then click Approve Detected IP(s).

Click Publish Changes.

Then you are done.

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