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User creation

Ce qui vous présente comment créer un nouvel utilisateur.

Using web interface

Using web interface is the easiest way to create a user.

First, connect to the Cloud Disk Array manager. Under 'Platforms and services' select your Ceph cluster. On the bottom left, you will find the user list. No user is created by default (except admin that you can't use and that is hidden).

Ceph users

Enter a username.

Your username needs at least three characters.

Ceph user creation

After user creation, you are back to manager. You can see that cluster status has changed because the user is being created.

Ceph user creation

Using API

You can check user creation by listing users.

GET /dedicated/ceph/98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15/user
    mdsCaps: ""
    monCaps: "allow r"
    serviceName: "98d166d8-7c88-47b7-9cb6-63acd5a59c15"
    name: "myuser"
    osdCaps: "allow class-read object_prefix rbd_children"
    key: "AQA9KpdXoBrDNhAAFCM7m/XOtmWh3LMSNlHVqw=="

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