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Attach a private registry via UI

Learn how to attach your own registry to AI Training via UI

Last updated 7th September, 2020.


This guide covers the process of attaching a private registry to the AI Training service.


  • a Public Cloud project
  • credentials for the Docker registry you wish to attach
  • access to the OVHcloud Control Panel


Step 1: Going to the AI Training menu

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, go to the Public Cloud section, then to the AI Training section which is located under AI & Machine Learning.


From the dashboard you can initiate the attachment of your Docker registry by clicking Update > Attach a Docker registry button.

Step 2: Attaching the registry

To attach a registry you simply need to provide the credentials of your registry along with its URL.

attach registry form

Once the form is filled out click Attach.

Step 3: Submitting an image from your registry

Once your registry is attached you can use any images pushed on the registry for your jobs.

From the OVHcloud Control Panel while submitting a job, you can choose a custom Docker image in Step 7.

custom docker image

With the ovhai command line CLI simply provide the image with ovhai job run <image>.

The default shared registry remains available even with a private registry attached.

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