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Getting started with MySQL and MariaDB

Using Your Databases

Do you want to use MySQL or MariaDB ? Learn how to create and manage your databases with ease!



What is a MySQL database?

MySQL is relational database management system developed for increased read performance, unlike other systems

This is an open-source engine, whose parent company is Oracle.

What is a MariaDB database?

MariaDB is a derivative (fork) of MySQL.

This engine is 100% compatible, and is "freer" than its sibling MySQL. All the bugs and roadmaps are freely accessible, unlike the Oracle version. In addition, the storage database InnoDB has been replaced by XtraDB and other optimisations, promising performance gains.

Logging in to the database

Please note that this service does not give you access to the Host but to the databases hosted on the Host. Generic SQL commands work with no issues, and HeidiSQL or SQuirreL SQL software is fully compatible.

As MariaDB is a fork of MySQL, the different commands are the same for the 2 types of database.

To log in to your database, make sure that you have:

  • The address of your database instance
  • Your database port
  • Your database username
  • Your database password
  • Your database name

All this information is available in the Web Control Panel.

There is also a guide here: Getting started with the CloudDB service

Connect via the command line

mysql --host=server --user=user --port=port --password=password database_name

Connect from a PHP script

1. <?php
2. $db = new PDO('mysql:host=host;port=port;dbname=dbname', 'username', 'password');
3. ?>

Connect from software (SQuirreL SQL)

  • Launch SQuirreL SQL and click on Aliases, then on +

launch SQuirreL SQL

  • Fill in the fields below and then confirm by clicking OK :
    • Name: Choose a name
    • Driver: Choose "PostgreSQL"
    • URL: Enter the server address and port in the following form jdbc:postgresql://server:port/database
    • User Name: Enter the username
    • Password: Enter the password

config connection

  • Confirm again by clicking the button Connect

valid connection

You will now be connected to your database:

config connection

Connecting via phpMyAdmin

Soon available in another guide.

Export a MySQL or MariaDB database

Export your database via the command line

mysqldump --host=server --user=user --port=port --password=password database_name > database_name.sql

Import a MySQL or MariaDB database

Import your database via the command line

cat database_name.sql | mysql --host=server --user=user --port=port --password=password database_name

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