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Marathon containers logs in Logs Data Plateform

It may be useful to send your application logs to the Logs Data Platform. Indeed, if your containers stop, or if you want to be able to debug something, you will be happy to have access to your application logs.

Setup Log Data Plateform

First you need an account on Logs Data Platform, you can find all information you need to begin on the Logs Data Platform quick start guide.

To be able to push logs into the Logs Data Platform, you have to get the token, the address and port of your Logs Data Plateform stream for Gelf format from the sunrise manager.

you can retrieve the token from the Logs Data Platform manager > graylog stream page. There is a "Copy the token" button you can click on : graylog stream list

The address and port can be found on Logs Data Platform manager > about page : about page

Be sure to get the port for Gelf in TCP/TLS, usually it's 12202.

You will find more information on the Logs Data Platform quick start guide.

Inject Logs Data Plateform infos into my container

Once you have your token, adress and port, you must inject them into your application containers using the following labels when creating or editing your app.

| Label name                   | Label value       |
| CONTAINERS_LOG_LOGS_SINKPORT | 12202             |
| CONTAINERS_LOG_LOGS_TOKEN    | "your token"      |

It will result in something like this in marathon:

marathon labels

You should know see your logs in Graylog. To access Graylog please refer to Logs Data Platform quick start guide.