General presentation of the OVHcloud public API for domain names

Last updated 5th May 2022

Table of Contents

Connection to the API

Before reading this documentation, make sure you have read the following page. It describes the test environment setup and the OVHcloud API connection process, and also helps understanding requests signature.

Available SDKs

We have released SDKs for several languages, to help you use the API:

var client = require("ovh")({
  endpoint: "ovh-eu",
import ovh

client = ovh.Client(
    endpoint = 'ovh-eu',
    application_key = APPLICATION_KEY,
    application_secret = APPLICATION_SECRET,
    consumer_key = APPLICATION_CONSUMER_KEY,
package main

import (

func main() {
     client, err :=  ovh.NewClient(
     if err != nil {
         fmt.Printf("Error: %q\n", err)


We are going to use the following terms throughout this documentation.

  • Registry: owner of an extension. For example, .fr belongs to Afnic, .com and .net to Verisign.
  • Registrar: domain names reseller. The registry necessarily sells domain names to final customers through a registrar. OVHcloud is a registrar.
  • Registrant: owner of a domain name. They are legally responsible of what the domain name is used for, and have all possible rights on the domain name.
  • gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain): generic extension, used world-wide, regulated by an independent third-party authority, called ICANN. Extensions .com and .net are gTLDs.
  • ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain): country-specific extension, regulated by the country itself. Due to that, eligibility rules, or even the selling mode or the lifecycle of domains, may totally differ from an extension to the other. It is the registrar's role to abstract this for the final customer. ccTLDs are the only extensions made from 2 letters exactly: for example, .fr for France, .io for the British Indian Ocean territory (though it is frequently used by web applications, because of the acronym I/O meaning Input/Output).

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