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Guide for changing the owner of a .uk domain name

Guide for changing the owner of a .uk domain name

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To change the ownder of a .uk domain name or similar, make sure that it meets the following prerequisites:

  • Your domain must not be suspended
  • Your domain must not be involved with any ongoing disputes with Nominet
  • Your domain must not be blocked by OVH
  • You must have access to the domain name owner's email address.

Relevant extensions

  • .uk.

Connection to Nominet

Example 1 - You have a Nominet account

  • If you already have a Nominet account, click on the "LOG IN TO MY ACCOUNT" button.

  • Specify the owner's email address and password.
  • Then click "LOG IN".

Example 2 - You do not have a Nominet account

  • If you have never never created an account with Nominet, click on the "COMPLETE YOUR ACCOUNT SETUP button.

  • Then enter the email address belonging to the owner of the domain.
  • Click on "SUBMIT".

  • You will then get an email to this address with the link letting your set a password.

Please note

The link sent in the email is only valid for 24 hours

  • Then enter a password, and confirm it.
  • Then click SET PASSWORD.

  • You will then see a confirmation message.


  • Once you are in the Nominet interface, tick the box in front of your domain and click on "TRANSFER DOMAIN".

  • At this stage, you can see whether or not you need to pay Nominet £10 in order to change the owner.

  • Then enter the future owner's e-mail address

  • You then have to choose who will make the payment (the current, or future owner).
  • You also have to tick the box to confirm that you are the current owner, and that you wish to change the owner, then click on "PROCEED TO INVOICE ADDRESS.

  • Next enter the name which appears in the bill, as well as the email address where it will be sent to.

  • Choose a previously registered or newbilling address, and then click "PROCEED TO PAYMENT DETAIL".

  • You will then be able to view a summary of your order.

  • You just have to specify your bank card for the payment.

  • Then choose the postal address linked to your bank card, and click SUBMIT TRANSFER REQUEST".


  • Following this an email will be sent to the new owner's email address so that they can accept the procedure, within 5 days.
  • The owner will also be able to request a transfer to another registrar when they validate the procedure, at no extra cost.


There might be a spelling mistake in the owner's name. In this case, you do not need to change the owner, just make a correction.

  • Once you are on the Nominet interface, click on the arrow to the right of your domain.

  • In the "Registrant" tab, click on "EDIT".

Fill in the boxes below:

  • Registrant: Enter the correct name of the owner
  • Tick the box to confirm that the information entered is correct.
  • Registrant type: The legal form
  • Whois service: Tick this box if you want to hide your personal details in the domain's whois

Then click "UPDATE DETAILS" to confirm the change of owner.

  • A confirmation message will indicate that the owner information has been updated.

Please note:

  • You can update the owner's name to correct spelling mistakes or errors. However you cannot change the owner using this procedure.
  • Your corrections will then be examined by a Nominet member of staff.

Following this you will be sent an email to confirm that the corrections have been accepted, or to request further information.