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Hosting: DynHost

Hosting: DynHost


  • Have a domain registered at OVH
  • Use OVH DNS servers for your domain


  • IP address

On the Internet, computers communicate with each other using the TCP/IP protocol which identifies each computer using a unique string of numbers:

  • DNS

Users communicate with IP addresses. DNS (Domain Name System) provides the service that allows the translation between user-friendly names and IP address numbers.

What is the DynHOST for?

If you have an internet connection, your IP might change each time you reconnect. DynHOST lets you point your domain or a sub-domain to an IP, and to update this IP in real time, if it changes, using an ID and password. This means that you can host your website on your own internet connection.

Logging on to the control panel

  • Log on to your control panel with yout ID and password.

  • Cliquez sur "Login" to confirm.

Domain selection

  • In the left-hand menu, select "Domains", then the "domain" you are creating a DynHost for.

Managing access

  • Click on the DynHost tab, then click "Manage access".

Then click on "Create an identifier".

  • Enter the information requested:

  • The login suffix

  • Sub-domain
  • Password

Then click "Confirm".

Then you can view the account that you have just created, as well as the associated sub-domain.

  • Then click the back button.

Creating a DynHost

Click on "Add a DynHost".


  • The sub-domain
  • The the current destination IP
  • Then click "Confirm".

Please note:

  • It will take 24 hours to create this record

  • You can then see that your DynHost and sub-domain and its IP has been created.

Please note:

  • The A record will automatically be created in your DNS zone. You therefore do not need to creare it before or after your DynHost.

Bali Dynamic DNS (gratuit)

  • In Bali Dynamic DNS, enter the requested fields in green, then click on "Update IP in database if necessary".

The status "IP changed" will be displayed, which means that your IP has been updated.

Direct Update (Shareware)

  • In Direct Update, you just have to enter the fields in vert and don't forget to untick the "Disable/ignore this account" box.

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