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Web hosting: How to transfer a domain name

Web hosting: How to transfer a domain name


To transfer your domain name or similar to OVH, make sure it meets the following conditions:

  • Your domain must not be in the Redemption period or Pending Delete status. *
  • The domain must not be blocked by the registrar. *
  • Make sure that the owner contact details are correct in the whois. *

  • Mandatory

To find out your current registrar, do a whois search for your domain name.

Extensions in question

  • .uk.

Step 1: Change your domain TAG

To transfer your domain to OVH, you do not need to create an order, because the transfer is free and is managed by a TAG system. First you have to inform your current registrar of the OVH TAG. The OVH TAG is "OVH-FR" The list of TAGS[/ blue] for different registrars is available on Nominet's official website. If you do not manage to change your domain name TAG with your current registrar you can ask Nominet to change it for you.

Please go to the Registrar's website: Manage your domain - Change registrar. Please note, Nominet will charge for this service.

Step 2: Transfer domain to OVH

Once you have changed the TAG, the domain will automatically be transferred to OVH in a few hours.

Step 3: Contact confirmation

Following the transfer, the domain name owner will receive an email to the contact address that is stated in the whois. You will be asked to specify your chosen contacts for this domain name, in normal or expert mode:

Normal mode:

  • Enter the Nichandle which will be the Administration, Technical and Billing contact for this domain.
  • Check the boxes to confirm the transfer, then click "save".

Expert mode:

  • Enter the different Nichandles or the Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts for this domain.
  • Tick the boxes to authorise the transfer, then click "save" to confirm.

Step 4: Completion

Your domain will be available in your customer account in a few hours’ time.

Cost of domain name transfer or similar

Transfer is free.

Time it takes to transfer a domain name or similar

If you verify the email sent to the owner, the transfer will take under 24h.

Renewing a domain after a transfer

As the transfer is free, the expiration date following the transfer will be the same as it was before the transfer. To renew it following the transfer, go to

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