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Whois - Enable OwO

Whois - Enable OwO


  • Access to your control panel.
  • Ownership of a generic top-level domain (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz ...)Full list here.

What is Whois?

Whois lets you query the databases which store the addresses, emails, and telephone numbers of domain name owners.

What is the OwO service?

Thanks to the OWO service, you can hide your details in Whois: address, email or telephone number. OVH guarantees that your data will never be published or sold.

How it works

OwO works as follows

  • The contact's address field is replaced in the Whois with an address linked to OVH and we redirect the email received to the real recipient.
  • The telephone and fax details are replaced with OVH numbers.
  • The email address field is replaced with a redirection which points to the original email address. This address is regenerated regularly and a spam filter is applied to it.


An individual:

  • All of the contact's details can be hidden (apart from their full name).

A company:

  • Only the email can be hidden.

When you order a domain name

When ordering a domain name, you will be asked to enable OwO if you so wish.

In your control panel

  • Sign in to your control panel with you nic-handle and password.

  • Click on "All my domains".

  • Select the domain to modify then click on the "Change Whois" button.

  • Choose the desired options and click next.

  • Confirm your choices.

Please note, there may be a 24h delay before any changes take effect.

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