Managing the billing for your Email Pro accounts

Find out how to manage the billing for your Email Pro service

Last updated 23rd February 2022


The Email Pro service offers flexible management for account billing. This guide details how to configure it.

Find out how to manage subscriptions for your Email Pro accounts.



Ordering additional accounts

Log in to the OVHcloud Control Panel, then go to the Web Cloud section. Click Email Pro then select the Email Pro service concerned.

Go to the Email accounts tab, then click Order accounts in the top right-hand corner.


Modifying the renewal frequency for your accounts

In the window for managing your Email Pro platform, click the Actions button in the top right-hand corner, then Billing mode.


In the new window, the table allows you to manage the renewal period for each account. You can apply a single billing mode for all accounts by clicking Monthly, Yearly, or None. You can also do this by selecting modes for individual accounts.

  • Monthly: You are billed for the account each month on the date listed in the Expiry column.
  • Yearly: You are billed for 12 months on the date listed in the Expiry column.
  • None: The account will be suspended, then deleted on the date listed in the Expiry column.

For simplified management, the billing for each Email Pro account is automatically aligned at the beginning of the month. To make this alignment, and move the subscription date if necessary, you will receive an invoice from your Email Pro account on a pro rata basis.

Example: An order placed on 08 January with a monthly subscription will be billed again on 08 February. The following invoice will cover the period between February 08 and March 1st.


Click Next to access the summary of the requested changes, then click Confirm to confirm your choice.

Deleting accounts

To delete an account within your Email Pro service, you will need to cancel it by changing its renewal configuration to None. To do this, go to the step "Modifying the renewal frequency for your accounts".

Once you have cancelled it, the account will be suspended on its expiry date. If you would like to delete the email address hosted by the account before its expiry date, you can reset it.

Go to the Email accounts tab of your service, then click on the ... button next to the account concerned. Next, click Reset this account. Once you have reset the account, it will remain empty until its expiry date.


Cancelling the service

In the Email accounts tab of your service, click the Actions button in the top right-hand corner, then Cancel.


This action suspends and then deletes all of the Email Pro accounts on their expiry date.

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