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Time machine - Retrieve a deleted email

Time Machine - Retrieve a deleted email



The OVH Time Machine lets you access a backup of your email account on three different dates:

  • D-1
  • D-3
  • Week -1

Log on to the Time Machine

Go to the OVH Time Machine at the following address

  • Enter your e-mail address and password, then click "Authentification".

Access backups

Once the page has completely downloaded, you can view your current inbox, and your backups (D-1, D-3, W-1).

Retrieving a deleted email

  • Next choose the day for the backup that you want, in order to access the email you need. In this case we are trying to retrieve the OVH email mail test from Friday at 13:17 in the "INBOX" folder for the D-3 backup.

  • You then just have to drag and drop the email in to the folder that you want in your current inbox.


  • Once the email has been moved, we can see that a copy of the email is placed in the desired folder.

You can also move several emails at the same time.