OVH Guide

Manage a multi-region OpenStack infrastructure with Foreman

Foreman is a tool that a allows to manage an infrastructure of servers easily. It is compatible with OpenStack so it can automatize the deployment of RunAbove instances.

Foreman uses a Ruby library called fog to be compatible with many providers. This library does the abstraction layer between Foreman and OpenStack.

In RunAbove we have an OpenStack cloud with two regions, SBG-1 and BHS-1. This is handled correctly in fog, but Foreman does not allow to select the proper OpenStack region. Thus it fails with the message:

Multiple regions available choose one of these 'SBG-1,BHS-1'

Until the Foreman developers update their software to use the multi-region feature of fog, a quick patch can be made, allowing to set one region. Just patch the file openstack.rb line 104, and add:

:openstack_region   => 'SBG-1'   ,

This will tell fog to only work on the SBG-1 region. Restart Foreman and you will be able to work on a multi-region OpenStack cloud.