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How to configure ’Remote Desktop’ on your Windows Instance?

You already have a Windows instance, but you want remote desktop access directly within your account. You need to open a port inside the firewall and configure Windows to authorize RDP access. What is RDP? A Windows protocol for sharing desktop screens between machines over the internet. With this protocol, you can control other computers or servers in the same way as with your own personal machine.

If you don't have a Windows instance, you should read how to create a Windows instance?.

Open RDP port in firewall

Your instance is protected by an external firewall. By default, only ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) are open and you need to open port 3389 to authorize the RDP protocol. The firewall rules can be edited in OpenStack Horizon, using the manager, under the Access & Security tab.

If you haven't replaced your security group since your instance was launched, your security group will be default.

  • Click on Edit Rules
  • Then on Add Rules
  • Choose RDP inside Rule field.

By default, port 3389 will be open to the entire internet and you can limit it to a specific IP. For example, if you want to limit access to the IP, simply enter in CIDR field.

Control panel screenshot

Authorize RDP access inside a Windows instance

Launch your Windows instance and open a console. To configure the RDP access, open the Server Manager and click on Local Server in the left-hand menu. You will see the Remote Desktop status and if it's disabled, click on it to edit the configuration.

Choose Allow remote connections to this computer. If your RDP client doesn't use Network Level Authentication, or if this feature is not available on your network, be sure the field Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication, is not selected.

Open an RDP client

You can now open your favorite RDP client. On Linux, you could use rdesktop.