OVH Guide

How to create instances in few seconds?

In RunAbove, it is possible to create new instances with dedicated hardware in few seconds! But how you can create new instances?

Generate an SSH key

The first time you create a instance, you will need to add a new SSH key. This key will be used to administer your server. To create a new SSH key, you can use ssh-keygen. Your public key will be available in .ssh/

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

Open your manager

Open RunAbove Control panel with your login details.

Add a new instance

Click on Add in the left-hand menu and choose to add an Instance.

Fill in the form with your custom configuration:

  • Image is the distribution you choose
  • Region is the area where the instance is stored
  • Template is the hardware profile you want

If you don't already have registered a SSH key, select Create an SSH key and give it a name, and copy the content of your public key.

Your instance is ready!

When the status of your instance is active, you can access your server with SSH

ssh admin@ip.of.your.vm