OVH Guide

Import a custom image in your RunAbove Account

By default, RunAbove proposes different operating systems. If you need to launch an instance of a particular operating system, you can add an image very easily to your RunAbove account.

How do you add a custom operation system?

You just need to go to OpenStack Horizon, in the "Image" tab and then, click on "Create Image". A pop-up will ask you for a few details about the system that you want to create and where to find the image itself.

Control panel screenshot

  • The name and description should describe the system you want to upload.
  • The image source can be a public location on the web or a local file on your computer.
  • The format describes the virtual disk type of the image. The most common ones are Raw and Qcow2.
  • The others parameters are optional.

Just click on "Create Image", if you create an image from a local file it will be uploaded, otherwise it will be fetched from the location you specified.

You can now find your custom system in the “Image” field when you launch instances. If you need a customized image you can easily create it for RunAbove.