OVH Guide

How to create a MySQL Managed Stack


Deploy your database stack, we take care of it !

In this guide you will learn how to subscribe to the Managed Stacks lab and create your MySQL cluster.

Now available with your cluster :

  • MySQL High availability : 2 MySQL nodes with SSL master/master replication
  • Real-time resources visualization : Monitoring probes to check MySQL status, server load and disk space on each node
  • Managed stack : 24/7 hardware/software monitoring and system security management

New features will be added soon and this guide will be updated accordingly. Enjoy !


Activate Managed Stacks lab

Go to Runabove > Labs > Discover Managed Stacks > Start Now

Start Lab

Either sign up (create new account) or sign in (use existing account)

Sign up

To activate Managed Stacks Lab, click on 'More labs...' and 'Activate'


Create MySQL Managed Stack

To create a new stack, click on 'Managed stacks' in the left menu, and then on '+ New stack'.

Managed Stacks

New Stack

You will receive an email confirming the creation of your new stack.

Start using your Create MySQL Managed Stack

Wait for your to stack to be in active status. The stack delivery last about 10 minutes.


Once your stack is active, you will receive a second email containing all information about it : IP/Hostname of the first node of your cluster IP/Hostname of the second node of your cluster * root and user account of your cluster

You can test your access to the nodes with this command :

user@desk:~$ mysql -u{username} -p{password} -h{node IP or hostname}

You can get the details of your stack by clicking on the application name :


You will see details of your cluster and 3 monitoring probes for each node.


Delete your Managed Stacks MySQL cluster

Click on 'Managed stacks' in the left menu, and then on the garbage in the action column :


Confirm your action :