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A tour of Metrics manager

Manage your Metrics Project

To access your manager, your first need to order a Metrics product.

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Metrics Manager

Let's have a quick tour on the Manager. It's located in the cloud section under Metrics section (available when you subscribed a Metrics product).


When in the Metrics section, select your project and you will enter the Metrics manager :


The manager is divided into several sections, with different views :

  • Header view
  • Token view
  • Platform view

Header view


The header is holding several informations about your account:

  • Your region
  • the name of the associated Metrics project
  • Number of series active this month
  • Number of datapoints pushed today
  • The retention for the datapoints

Token View


In this view, you can view and edit your tokens. Those are needed to access the platform. There's two types:

  • read token
  • write token

You can create as many tokens as you want, by clicking on "new token".

Token creation


During token creation, you can set multiples parameters:

  • the associated description for a token
  • type, which is read or write
  • a pair of defaults labels or tags. For a write token, those will be automatically added. For a read token, labels will be added during fetch.

Platform view (Documentation)


Here, you'll be able to find links to this present documentation, and also the endpoints per each supported protocols.

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