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Configure Scollector

Configure Scollector for Metrics Data Platform

Last updated 23th August, 2019


scollector is a replacement for OpenTSDB's TCollector and can be used to send metrics to a Bosun/OpenTSDB server. In this guide, you will learn how to configure it for Metrics Data Platform.


  • a valid Metrics account.
  • a UNIX/Linux machine


What is Scollector

Scollector have several benefits compared to TCollector:

  • scollector uses the HTTP based API, not the older Telnet based API
  • scollector is written in Go and is more resource efficient
  • scollector integrates with Bosun's metadata (Units, Gauge/Counter, Description) and allows external collectors to provide metadata

OpenTSDB 1.0 uses the tcollector data collection framework. This project aims to make scollector the preferred collector for OpenTSDB 2.0.

Install Scollector

To ensure using the last release, please refer to the official installation guide to install Scollector.

Configure Scollector

In the configuration file, you need to add an host, like this:

Host = ""

Replace WRITE_TOKEN and REGION by your own information based on Metrics manager. Scollector is now configured!

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