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Step 1: Authorise mailbox sharing

In our example, a folder is shared from the ovhguide@support-exchange.eu account to ovhguide2@support-exchange.eu. Firstly: authorise sharing on your account. To do this, right-click on the account name and select "permissions" . A new window will appear.

Step 2: Authorise mailbox sharing

Click on the+ icon to add the user you want to share folders with. A new interface will then appear.

Step 3: Authorise mailbox sharing

Add the user.

Step 4: Authorise mailbox sharing

You can also customise the level of access for this user by changing the permission options in the Permissions section.

For example you may want the ovhguide2@support-exchange.eu user to only have access to the "Drafts" folder in the ovhguide@support-exchange.eu. mailbox.

Click "OK"to confirm your selection.]

Permissions will be granted only for the file in question.

Set up folder sharing permissions

You can now give the second user sharing permissions for a folder, such as the "Drafts" folder.

The process is almost the same as before: right-click on the "Drafts" folder, then

click on "Permissions"

This step can be carried out for any folder.

Carry out the same actions as before by adding a user then giving them the necessary permissions for the folder in question.

You can assign different permissions: Owner, Editer, Author, User...

Step 1: Retrieve the shared folder

The user that has been given permission must add the shared folder in OWA.

To do this, right-click on your email account, then select "add shared folder".

Step 2: Retrieve the shared folder

Enter the first user's account name.

Step 3: Retrieve the shared folder

Our shared folder "Sent items" should now appear in OWA.